The Aftermath Dislocation Principle (2016 Tour Guide)

Cover of Jimmy Cauty's "Afermath Dislocation Principle 2016 Tour Guide"

Housed in a 40 ft shipping container The Aftermath Dislocation Principle is a monumental post-riot landscape in miniature: a dystopian model village, set somewhere in Bedfordshire, where only the police and media teams remain in an otherwise deserted, wrecked and dislocated land.

This 64-page guide book features various full-page colour photographs from Jimmy Cauty’s Aftermath Dislocation Principle exhibit as well as two essays by Ian Hernon (author of “RIOT! Civil Insurrection from Peterloo to the Present Day”) and Jonathan Downing (postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Bristol).

The ADP Tour Guide was available from L-13 as both standard edition and a limited set of 123 copies signed and numbered by Jimmy.

Is it worth getting?

Since the ADP was a physical exhibit which moved location over time chances are you might have missed it. In that case you cannot go wrong with the Tour Guide since the high quality photographs presented – many of which were also released as postcards – are a great documentation of Jimmy’s work. Unfortunately neither the guide nor the postcard set are available from the L-13 shop anymore so you will have to look for them on eBay or Amazon.

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