How To Be Free

Back Cover Blurb

Modern life is absurd. How can we be free?

If you’ve ever wondered why you bother to go to work, or why so much consumer culture is crap, then this book is for you. Looking to history, literature and philosophy for inspiration, Tom Hodgkinson provides a joyful blueprint for a simpler and freer way of life. Filled with practical tips as well as inspiring reflections, here you can learn how to throw off the shackles of anxiety, bureaucracy, debt, governments, housework, supermarkets, waste and much else besides.

Are you ready to be free? Read this book and find out.

Is it worth getting?

There is only a brief mention of The KLF on a single page but it’s a rather interesting one of Bill Drummond explaining the thinking behind their song “3 a.m. Eternal”. Unless you are interested in the overall topic of Hodgkinson’s book it might be hard to justify picking up a new copy for one single paragraph, though.

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