Antimacassar is a 32-page book written by Tenzing Scott Brown, and the 24th book published by Penkiln Burn in 2021.The book contains an introduction written by Bill Drummond’s whose other self  went on to write the play Antimacassar included in the book.

The book was printed in an edition of 400 copies which were originally put on sale in Best Gent Hair Saloon (Metin’s Barbers) Albion Parade London N16 during September 2021, only available for personal pickup from Bill Drummond (as the Travelling Salesman) himself for the first 40 days following its release. Unsold copies were later made available through the Alimentation webshop.

Back Cover Blurb


Revolution, reflection, growing old and grumpy, being young and reckless, a greater Kurdish homeland, antimacassars of the world uniting, not going where you planned to go, knitting versus embroidery, The 25 Paintings on lockdown, thinking you are right, knowing you are wrong, two characters named He and She. And of course the PKK Took My Baby Away sung by the Kurdish Ramones tribute band. All in a land of a thousand lakes.


As long as there is no flag waving.
All flag waving is wrong – whatever the cause.
All flag waving does is up the “them and us”.
All flag waving encourages hatred and war.
Flags should be consigned to the dustbin of history along with the nuclear button and single use plastics…

Your naivety plunges to new depths.
Our addiction to flags is hardwired.
And if it were not flags it would be something else.

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