The Poster Of The 7″ Single Of The Audiobook

In the wake of the upcoming “Burn The Shard” event the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop just announced three new accompanying items by The JAMs on their Vimeo page – a poster, an audio book narrated by Daisy Eris Campbell with a running time of over 9 hours, and a 7″ single including “The Ballad Of Yoko and John” and “Burn The Shard” which seem to be spoken word only (probably taken from the audiobook?).

All items will be available on site from the Ice Cream Van on Thursday first before they will be made available online on the L-13 website a day later.

[UPDATE] All three have now been made available from the L-13 shop site for the usual price of £20.23.

The 2023 audio book/poster/single pack by The JAMs

The bundle is available in three variations – you can get the audiobook which comes with the free poster and single, or you can get the single which includes the free poster and audiobook. If you are more of a poster person you can pick that up instead and get the single and audiobook as a free bonus. If that sounds confusing to you then everything is working as intended.

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    1. Hi William,

      you can get in touch with L-13 via their email address L-13 at L-13 dot org and send them your download code.

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