Man Makes Bed

“Man Makes Bed” is the 15th book published by Penkiln Burn. Originally released as a softcover edition of 40 copies for those attending Witte de With Straat Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands, a hardcover edition of 1,000 copies was published in 2014, including a Chinese translation by Zhang Rui and Hou Junmou.

Back Cover Blurb


Bill Drummond


Bill Drummond making a bed out of wood, in public in the Chinese city of Guangzhou in December 2010. It is also about what it is to be a man making a bed and all the things that go through ones head while making a bed. It is also about what goes on in beds and on beds and underneath beds and what the bed could be for and why.

It also about other things. [sic]


No I was not a musician, I was a man who made records and right now, I am a man who is making a bed. And sometimes I am a man who writes words, but I am not an author. And sometimes I am a man who cooks a meal but I am not a chef. And sometimes I am am man who fathers children which means I am a father all the time wherever I am.

All 1,000 copies were presented as the sculpture ONE THOUSAND BOOKS #3 at Eastside Projects, Birmingham, England between 15 March & 14 June 2014 as part of Bill Drummond’s exhibition The 25 Paintings. They will also be presented as this sculpture at future exhibition of The 25 Paintings throught out their world tour (2014 – 2025) until all stocks have been sold out at that point the sculpture will exist in the hands and minds of the people owning the individual copies of the book.

This book will not be available through the usual channels.Bill Drummond

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