Merry Christmas From The JAMS

Well, not really since we are neither Rockman Rock nor Kingboy D of course. However, Santa told us you have all been good this year – well, most of you – so he asked us for a relaunch of your favourite KLF fansite to put in your stockings.

Please bear with us that some of the sections are not complete yet (like the FAQ) and others are missing altogether (Discography) – those will be filled and completed over time. Feel free to drop us suggestions or corrections.

In the meantime enjoy what is already there, and hit us up on Facebook.


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From The JAMS

  1. In the Netherlands and Great Britain, there are far progressed efforts to regain the entire crew back on a new release of What Time Is Love.. Oldschool style! REAL!
    Coming sunday there will be new recordings of Isaac Bello’s rap vocals and all other vocalists that were in on KLF’s best tracks will be involved!

    The music is re-programmed on the original classic instruments and samplers and there will be a number of great re-mixes done to give NEW, BUT ORIGINAL SOUNDING TRACKS… For hours of great KLF listening!

    There will be no “hip and modern” mixes or any other apres ski house sounding bullshit, we are true to the real deal, and will not settle for less.

    We hope you will enjoy having them in your collection soon!

  2. It is time to rise again KLF! Justified ancients of Mu Mu! The TimeLords. Rise like noone has done before! KLF forever! ETERNAL! You have the power!

    Love Tridion.

  3. Drummond and Cauty get off your fucking ass and shake hands for the greatest adventure yet… KLF 2.0! You know you can! FUCK YEAH!!! Just do it!
    KLF Eternal!

    Love TRIDION.

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