On The Current Rise Of Cheap KLF Bootlegs

Ever since The KLF left the music business (and even before that) bootlegs of rare and sought-after releases have been floating around. Some of them  have been labours of love, others rather blatant cash grabs with the line between those two getting blurry sometimes. What they mostly have in common is that they are either scarce enough to not devalue the originals or at least of reasonable quality.

Lately a commercial seller by the name of Big Blue Media has started flooding eBay with custom bootlegs of either proper KLF Comms releases or self-compiled sets of tracks under a common theme.Some of them have already been bought and resold at ridiculous prices despite neither including anything of obvious rarity nor looking like any effort has been put into them.

Be advised that these are not official KLF Communications releases. We can only recommend not to support this kind of blatantly ripping of other people by tricking them into thinking they will receive a “rare DJ only promo CD” suddenly popping up in huge amounts 24 years after The KLF have split.

Several people (including us) have already reported those auctions in the past. So far eBay hasn’t deemed it necessary to act on the issue. At this point we can only continue to report new listings and encourage people to invest their money more wisely.

14 thoughts on “On The Current Rise Of Cheap KLF Bootlegs

  1. I don’t get the problem. I bought a few of their releases and as far as quality is concerned, they’ve nailed it. I don’t know whether they have an insider working with the master tapes but their releases are bang on.

  2. When are you guys going to open up a shop on BandCamp where we can buy digital downloads of your back catalog, official represses and merchandise (T-Shirts)? It’s so easy to do and favorable to the artists. I need to Jams to the K to the L to the F on Disco 2000!

  3. The people at BBM are absolutely lovely. Just to clarify, the people that run this site are not KLF affiliated, it’s a fan group. All BBM do is catalogue and product stuff from eighties to nineties. Kieran who runs it said ‘we take what was good in the past and jam the discs full’. We don’t make a penny”. They’re just nice people. Get in touch with him through ebay, he’s just an ordinary bloke with a love of music. He’s nailed it. He’s fuckin’ nailed it :o)

  4. Can anyone give me the details of how to get in touch with Big Blue Media? My friend has a load of their stuff and the quality is fantastic. I heard their studio is in India? Can anyone confirm?

  5. No, it’s not in india. It’s in Gibraltar. The stuff they churn out absolutely rocks. Kieran who runs it is just such a cool person. If you ever go there just email him and he’ll give you the show around. People who are up there arse about non official recordings – get over it.

  6. I want their stuff. Their was an article in the music press about them. BBM absolutely rock! Their audio quality is fantastic, they jam discs full of stuff, you get remixes, interviews, fab artwork. I love them! Yeah, OK, I’d fuck him to. Hello from Santa Barbara :o)

    1. Yeah, I bought their stuff. It’s so cool. If you can get your hands on I can Never Can Say Goodbye by BBM. Makes the disco floor rock

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