What does […] sound like?

Some of the more rare and obscure tracks and projects can be hard to track down, so these should give you an idea of what to expect.

What does [...] sound like?

This question is not as easy to answer as one might think, since there seem to be two different mixes of “Madrugada Eterna”.

The first mix appears on the promo video of the White Room motion picture and can be found on various bootleg compilation videos and CDs. There’s a quite pumping TB303 bassline underneath the melody and a groovy beat, with lots of the mad preacher’s vocals chopped up and spread across the track.


Unfortunately, the short snippet from the promo video is all that exists of this version.

Then there is a very rare release of “Madrugada Eterna” on 12” (KLF ETERNA 1) which features another mix. Although it’s also quite groovy, it is more laid back than the mix on the promo video. It can either sound like an ambient track with a trancey beat in the background, OR it can sound like a great club track with a twist (the steel guitar) where the samples of the mad preacher sound like proper vocals, OR it can sound terrible with the two parts clashing and working against each other. Whatever, it seems that the KLF didn’t like it and decided not to widely release it.

Furthermore, there is a bootleg (ETERNITY 23) that plays the unreleased club mix from the 12”, but not the shorter edit (see Bootlegs section).

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