Discog 2000

After a lot of coding, swearing and hair-tearing we are happy to introduce a completely overhauled discography covering (for now) The KLF’s main output on our homepage. We tried to keep the layout of Lazlo’s original version intact while adding additional functionality like linking to specific releases, browsing for release types etc.

“But why do we need another discography when pages like Discogs are covering this just fine?” you might ask. Well, the problem with Discogs is that certain rules which make sense for a discography like The KLF’s don’t apply to Discogs. For most of us it makes total sense to separate What Time Is Love? into three different entries (Pure Trance, Live At Trancentral, America: What Time Is Love?) whereas Discogs insists on gathering them all under one single master release which leads to constant updating, editing and reverting throughout the pages.

Furthermore, we believe that comparing all the various physical issues is a lot easier when they are grouped by tracklist variations rather than being limited to one single tracklist per page.

Please note that for the most part the list reflects the last version of Lazlo’s discography so it’s probably not complete – then again, could a KLF discography ever be? – but we will continue to add and update entries throughout the following weeks.


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