The Eye On The Pyramid

If you don’t like to carry the hardcover edition of last year’s “2023” with you all of the time, the paperback edition will be released on March 1st, featuring an updated cover illustration as well. The book is available to pre-order from the Faber homepage (amongst others).

Cover of “2023” (Paperback Edition)

No launch event has been announced at this point.

Done In 60 Seconds

In 2012 Bill Drummond started releasing short one-minute videos covering various topics over on his Vimeo. A new website called 60sixtyseconds emerged recently, gathering all previously released videos in one convenient place.

So far 33 videos have been published, therefore the title of the website suggests that we will see another 27 until the project is complete.

[UPDATE] The site has undergone a minor change, only making one video available per day. 54 videos have been published at this point, so it will take you 54 days to watch all of them.